Other Services

At the Law Offices of James J. Fitzpatrick, LLC, we have the experience and ability to handle a wide range of legal issues, including:


As with any other area of the law, it is important that a prospective client seek out and retain an attorney versed in the substantive and procedural aspects of landlord/tenant law in the State of New Jersey. With years of experience managing landlord tenant conflicts, our firm is familiar with the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in the State of New Jersey and we are versed in the complex laws that face landlords and tenants alike as it applies to both residential and commercial tenancy issues. 

Our knowledge and skill in this area allows us to provide our clients with the guidance necessary to manage and resolve disputes that arise during the course of the landlord/tenant relationship.


A criminal record can keep you from getting or even keeping a job.  Expungement is the legal process by which your arrest or conviction is isolated and sealed from public record. If you are seeking to have your criminal arrest or conviction expunged and you qualify for expungement, our firm can help guide you through the expungement process. Give us a call today to see if you qualify.

Municipal Court

Whether it’s a routine traffic ticket or an application before the city zoning board, our firm is prepared to represent you at your time of need. Rest assured, we are familiar with the hurdles that our clients typically face in municipal court and we work hard to make sure our clients are prepared to meet those hurdles and achieve the best possible results.


Our firm is knowledgeable in both substantive and procedural aspects of litigation. We pride ourselves in the ability to handle the challenging and diverse legal issues that face our clients on a daily basis. From Small Claims Court to the New Jersey Supreme Court, we zealously represent our clients and work hard to get the results they want and deserve.