James Fitzpatrick is a proud member of the local LeTip of Clifton chapter.

LeTip is a diverse and energetic networking group that meets for one purpose - to give and receive qualified business Tips.

The members of our group are held to very high standards of competence and service. We work together to build each others’ businesses and increase the bottom line.

Members introduce one another to new clients and customers who need a specific service and are expecting a call from the LeTip member who provides that service. Working together, we become a sales force, bringing new business to you, and all our members! No more cold calling, just warm leads.

Unlike any other business group you've seen LeTip of Clifton stands out! Membership in this organization is restricted to one person per industry -- there will be one chiropractor, one business attorney, one insurance agent, one accountant, one window treatment company -- there is no competition within the group.